Seminário DF, CEFITEC e LIBPhys-UNL


Prof. Mariusz Winiecki, Department of Medical Bioengineering Fundamentals, Institute of Technology Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Technical Science Casimir the Great University Bydgoszcz, Poland (Erasmus+)

Neste seminário será apresentada uma visão geral do projecto:

“Evaluation of effects of micro- and nanostructural functionalization of SLM manufactured intraosseousimplants porous coatings on their pro-osteoconductive potential and mechanical behavior of bone-implant interface”


The primary objective of the research is acquiring knowledge on possibilities of affecting in micro- and in nanoscale of the surface structure of the Ti-Alloy intraosseous implants. These structural surface properties are conditioning the bone tissue ingrowth into the pore space of porous coatings manufactured on implants substrates and the following osteointegration providing further long term bone-implant anchorage capable to restore the reconstructional role of the components of artificial joints. The porous coatings constitutes the resistance to relative motion between the bone and implant, and improves conditions for mechanical load transmission in peri-implant bone.