Pedro Manuel Duarte Gonçalves Amaro

Professor Auxiliar
205 - Edifício I - Ala Sul
(+351) 212948576/212947866

Graus académicos

PhD in Atomic Physics in 2011/12/22 in a Joint Doctorate program between NOVA School of Science and Technology and Sorbonne Université.

Master’s degree in physics in 2007 by NOVA School of Science and Technology

Degree in Physics Engineering in 2006 by NOVA School of Science and Technology


Área de Investigação

Current topics of interest are multidisciplinary: from theoretical subjects of evaluating second-order quantum processes and resonances; to more experimental ones such as plasma modelling, measurement of cross sections relevant for astrophysics, as well as laser spectroscopy of muonic atoms.

Publicações representativas

  • P. Amaro et al, Laser excitation of the 1s-hyperfine transition in muonic hydrogen, SciPost Physics, 13, 2022
  • F. Grilo, at al, Comprehensive Laboratory Measurements Resolving the LMM Dielectronic Recombination Satellite Lines in Ne-like Fe xvii Ions, The Astrophysical Journal, 2021
  • J. J. Krauth, et al, Measuring the α-particle charge radius with muonic helium-4 ions, Nature, 2021
  • P. Amaro, et al, Stabilization method with the relativistic configuration-interaction calculation applied to two-electron resonances, Physical Review A, 2021
  • M. Togawa, et al, Observation of strong two-electron–one-photon transitions in few-electron ions, Physical Review A, 2020
  • C. Shah, et al, Revisiting the Fe xvii Line Emission Problem: Laboratory Measurements of the 3s–2p and 3d–2p Line-formation Channels, The Astrophysical Journal, 2019