Filipe Ribeiro Ferreira da Silva

Professor Associado com Agregação
251 - Edif. I - Ala Norte
(+351) 212948576/212947866

Graus Académicos

Graduation in Chemical Engineering (2001 FCT UNL)

Master in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (2007 FCT UNL)

PhD in Physics (2009 University of Innsbruck, Austria e FCT UNL)

Habilitation in Physics (2022 FCT UNL)

Áreas de Investigação

Over the last years I have been deeply involved in low energy electron (LEE) interactions leading to negative ion formation via dissociative electron attachment (DEA) or electron ionisation (EI), electron scattering processes from isolated molecules, electron transfer in neutral potassium collisions with gas phase isolated targets and VUV spectroscopy studies. DEA and EI studies are carried out in close collaboration with the universities of Innsbruck, Siedlce and Iceland. I projected and assembled a crossed electron molecule beam apparatus. This set-up consists of a trochoidal electron monochromator with electron energy resolution of about 100meV coupled with a reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer.

Projetos de Investigação

  • Metrology for earth biosphere: cosmic rays, ultraviolet radiation and fragility of ozone shield, 2022 - 2025
  • Low energy electrons interactions: from fundamentals to applications, 2020
  • Boron-containing compounds chemical reactions triggered by low energy electron interactions, 2018-2021

Publicações Representativas

Parent anion radical formation in coenzyme Q(0): Breaking ubiquinone family rules

J. Ameixa; E. Arthur-Baidoo; J. Pereira-da-Silva; M. Oncak ;J. C. Ruivo ; M. T. do Varella ; F. Ferreira da Silva; S. Denifl

Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 21, (2023), 346-353.

Boroxine benzaldehyde complex for pharmaceutical applications probed by electron interactions

J. Pereira-da-Silva, Ana Nunes, Monica Mendes, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Lucas Cornetta, F. Ferreira da Silva

Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom., 37, (2023), e9418.

Triphenylboroxine stability under low-energyelectron interactions

J. Pereira-da-Silva, M. Mendes,  A. Nunes,a J. Araujo, L. Cornetta and F. Ferreira da Silva

PhysChemChemPhys, 24, (2022), 10025-10032

Formation of Temporary Negative Ions and Their Subsequent Fragmentation upon Electron Attachment to CoQ0 and CoQ0H2

J. Ameixa, E. Arthur-Baidoo, J. Pereira-da-Silva, J. C. Ruivo, M. T. do N. Varella, M. K. Beyer, M. Ončák, F. Ferreira da Silva, and S. Denifl

ChemPhysChem, 23, (2022), e202100834

New routes in the formation of positively charged fragments upon electron attachment

M. Mendes, A. Nunes, J. Pereira-da-Silva, R. Rodrigues, J. M. M. Araújo,F. Ferreira da Silva, L. M. Cornetta

Eur. Phys. J. D., 76, (2022), 19

The Role of Low-Energy Electron Interactions in cis-Pt(CO)2Br2 Fragmentation

M. Cipriani, S. Svavarsson, F. Ferreira da Silva, H: Lu, L. McElwee-White, and O. Ingólfsson

Int. J. Mol. Sci., 22, (2021), 8984

Excited States of Bromopyrimidines Probed by VUV Photoabsorption Spectroscopy and Theoretical Calculations

M. Mendes, F. Kossoski, A. I. Lozano, J. Pereira-da-Silva, R. Rodrigues, J. Ameixa, N. C. Jones, S. V. Hoffmann, and F. Ferreira da Silva

Int. J. Mol. Sci., 22, (2021), 6460

Electron Driven Reactions in Tetrafluoroethane: Positive and Negative Ion Formation

J. Pereira-da-Silva, R. Rodrigues, J. Ramos, C. Brígido, A. Botnari, M. Silvestre, João Ameixa, M. Mendes, F. Zappa, S. J. Mullock, J. M. M. Araújo, M. T. do N. Varella, L. M. Cornetta, and F. Ferreira da Silva

J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 32, (2021), 1459−1468

Perfluoro effect on the electronic excited states of para-benzoquinone revealed by experiment and theory

J. Pereira-da-Silva, M. Mendes, F. Kossoski, A. Lozano, R. Rodriges, N. C. Jones, S. V. Hoffmann, and F. Ferreira da Silva

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 23, (2021), 2141-2153


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