Seminário do Mestre Fernando Sacilotto Crivellaro (Phd Student - Instrumentation 4 Health Phd Program)

Ter, 04 fevereiro 2020, 14:00 - 15:00
Tipo de evento: 
Departamento de Física
Local do evento: 
Sala de Seminários N.º 213
Localização específica: 
Edifício I

Title: Skin & Health: Diagnosis and Monitoring through Optical Sensing Techniques

Abstract: The biomedical photonics is a potential driver for the medicine revolution in the twenty-first century [1]. The development convergence of photonics and electronics have been contributing to improve sensitivity, diagnostic and analysis of medical parameters, from molecules to tissue materials and whole organs. With focus on skin and noninvasive methods, optical based techniques has been at the forefront of modern medicine applications, e.g. diseases diagnosis, cancer cells characterization, besides concentration measurements of glucose or other biological parameters [2, 3]. Also, the continuous advance of wearable optical sensor-based systems are enabling proactive personal health management and ubiquitous monitoring of a patient's health condition [4]. Therefore, the objective of this seminar is to present researches about current health applications of optical sensing techniques that operate in the skin.