Seminários do Departamento de Física, CEFITEC e LIBPhys: Isabel Lozano Martinez - Investigadora no CEFITEC

Qua, 03 julho 2019, 14:00 - 16:00
Tipo de evento: 
Departamento de Física, CEFITEC, LIBPhys
Local do evento: 
Sala de Seminário - Nº 213
Localização específica: 
Edifício I

Professora Maria Luísa Carvalho - Ext.: 10571

Professora Ana Fonseca - Ext.: 10504

Titulo: Interaction of low-energy electrons with molecules of biological interest

Results of total electron scattering cross sections for molecular targets of biological interest (para-benzoquinone, pyridine, sevoflurane and thiophene) in the (1-300 eV) impact energy range are reported in this study. A state-of-the-art magnetically confined electron transmission apparatus has been optimized and validated to obtain the present measurements. Random uncertainty limits of these values have found to be ≤ 5%. In addition, a systematic error due to electrons scattered into the acceptance angle of the detector has been discussed and evaluated. The contribution of dipole interactions to this effect has been evaluated by studying the electron scattering cross sections from dichloromethane which possesses a considerable permanent dipole moment.

The present experimental data has been compared, wherever possible, with previous measurements available in the literature, and with the results of a calculation carried out for the present study within the IAM-SCAR+I and R-matrix formalisms. Finally, the self-consistency of the present data set has been evaluated by simulating the electron transport in para-benzoquinone, with the help of an event-by-event Monte Carlo procedure, and comparing those results with the observed transmitted intensity distribution.