Seminário do DF, CEFITEC e LIBPhys-UNL


Na próxima quarta dia 4 de Maio pelas 14H00, temos mais um seminário pela Prof. Cecília Roque do Departamento de Química da FCT/UNL, que vai apresentar:

When molecular recognition meets smart-materials

Over the past 40 years monoclonal antibodies and derived structures became the standard binding proteins representing powerful tools in biotechnology and biosensing. Other synthetic and protein scaffolds, with the robustness and versatility required, are being explored by our group to enable the selective capture and oriented immobilization of biomolecules onto surfaces. We employed biological and chemical combinatorial libraries supported by computational design tools to develop robust peptidomimetics against several targets, namely tagged recombinant proteins, GFP fusion proteins, and virus-like particles. Our research has also focused on the development of strategies for the surface coating of magnetic nanoparticles with natural and synthetic polymers and subsequent decoration with the novel affinity reagents. These modified magnetic nanoshells are applied to biotechnological and biomedical areas which will be discussed in the seminar.