Dawei Liang

Professor Associado com Agregação
204 - Edif. I - Ala Sul
(+351) 212948576/212947866

Graus académicos

Licenciatura em Instrumentos de Precisão, 1984, Universidade de Tianjin

Mestrado em Técnica de Medidas de Precisão, 1986 Universidade de Tianjin

Doutoramento em Optoelectrónica, 1990, Universidade de Chongqing

Equivalência de Doutoramento em Optoelectrónica e microeletrónica, 1995, Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Área de Investigação

Lasers bombeados por Sol, Optoelectrónica



Projetos de Investigação

1. Production of seven-beam Ce:Nd:YAG solar laser in TEM00-mode regime,

EXPL/FIS-OTI/0332/2021, 2022-2024.

2. New breakthroughs in Ce:Nd:YAG solar laser, 2023, Grant Agreement EU 823802.

3. Secured FCT-MCTES Junior Researchers, Post-Doctoral and Ph.D. Scholarships Human Resource Funding: 2016-2029 for:

B. Tiburcio (FCT Junior Researcher 2024-2030), J. Almeida (FCT Junior Researcher, CEECIND/03081/2017), C. R. Vistas (FCT Post-doc researcher, SFRH/BPD/125116/2016).

B. Tíburcio (Ph.D. FCT,PD/BD/128267/2016), S. Mehellou (Ph.D. Algeria, 2016).

R. Bouajmine (Ph.D. Algeria, 2016). D. Gracia (Ph.D. FCT,PD/BD/142827/2018).

M. Catela (Ph.D. SFRH/BD/145322/2019). R. Boutaka (Ph.D. Algeria, 2019).

H. Costa (Ph.D. FCT/BD/06172/2021, 2021).


Publicações representativas

1. Dawei Liang*, Joana Almeida, Cláudia R.Vistas, Bruno D.Tibúrcio and Dário Garcia

Solar-Pumped Lasers- With Examples of Numerical Analysis of Solid-State Lasers, (BOOK)

Springer Nature, May, (2023), ISBN: 978-3-031-24784-2


2.  Dawei Liang* and Changming Zhao

Challenge and Research Trends of Solar Concentrators (BOOK)  

MDPI, December, (2022), ISBN-13:  9783036560373


3. Dawei Liang*, Joana Almeida, Miguel Catela, Hugo Costa, Dário Garcia, Bruno Tibúrcio, Emmanuel Guillot and Cláudia R. Vistas

Lowest threshold solar-pumped Ce:Nd:YAG laser with 2.06% sola r-to-TEM00 mode laser conversion efficiency

SOL. ENERGY MATER. SOL. CELLS, Vol. 270, 112817 (2024) 


4. Dawei Liang*, Cláudia R. Vistas, Dário Garcia, Bruno D. Tibúrcio, Miguel Catela, Hugo Costa, Emmanuel Guillot and Joana Almeida

Most efficient simultaneous solar laser emissions from three Ce:Nd:YAG rods within a single pump cavity

SOL. ENERGY MATER. SOL. CELLS, 246, 111921 (2022)


LASER FOCUS WORLD Oct. 4th (2022)


This article was highlighted by LASER FOCUS WORLD in 2022.

5. Rabeh Boutaka, Dawei Liang*, Abdelhamid Kellou

Efficient TEM00-mode solar laser using four Nd:YAG rods/four off-axis parabolic mirrors pumping approach

J. PHOTON. ENERG. Vol.12, (3), 038002 (2022)


SPIE NEWS 07 September (2022)


This SPIE news was also reported by other 20 media.

6. Dawei Liang*, Joana Almeida, Dário Garcia, Bruno D.Tibúrcio, Emmanuel Guillot and

Cláudia R. Vistas

Simultaneous solar laser emissions from three Nd:YAG rods within a single pump cavity

SOL. ENERGY, Vol.199, (2020), pp.192-197.


This article reported the first simultaneous emission of three solar laser beams from a single pump cavity.

7. Dawei Liang*, Cláudia R.Vistas, Bruno D.Tibúrcio and Joana Almeida

Solar-pumped Cr:Nd:YAG ceramic laser with 6.7% slope efficiency

SOL. ENERGY MATER. SOL. CELLS, 185C (2018), pp 75-79.


This article presented a compact solar laser of record-high slope efficiency,

8. Dawei Liang*, Joana Almeida, Cláudia R.Vistas and Emmanuel Guillot

Solar-pumped Nd:YAG laser with 31.5 W/m2 multimode and 7.9 W/m2 TEM00-mode collection efficiencies

SOL. ENERGY MATER. SOL. CELLS, Vol.159, (2017), pp.435–439


This research was reported by Senior Editor Gail Overton

NEWSBREAKS: “1064nm solar laser achieves record power output and efficiency”

LASER FOCUS WORLD, Vol.52, No. 12, pp. 7. (2016)


9. Dawei Liang* and Joana Almeida

Solar-pumped TEMoo mode Nd:YAG laser

OPT. EXPRESS, Vol. 21, Iss. 21, pp. 25107–25112 (2013)


 This research was reported by Senior Editor Gail Overton

WORLD NEWS: “Solar-Pumped Nd:YAG Lasers Getting Brighter”

LASER FOCUS WORLD, Vol. 49, Iss 12, (2013).


10. Dawei Liang* and Joana Almeida

Highly efficient solar-pumped Nd:YAG laser

OPT. EXPRESS Vol. 19, Iss.17 pp. 26399-26405. (2011).