In a ceremony held on April 18th, professors Filipe Ferreira da Silva and Mauro Guerra signed a contract as Associate Professors at Nova FCT. Congratulations Professors


NOVA FCT and Professor Hugo Gamboa secure two Marie Curie Doctoral Schools

Two teams of secondary school students competed in the European Olympiad of Experimental Science, which had the participation of 45 teams from 25 countries. Prof. João Cruz was responsible for preparing scientifically the six chosen students in the area of Physics.



Centro de Física e Investigação Tecnológica

The Center of Physics and Technological Research (CEFITEC) is an experimentally oriented research unit devoted to exploring specific areas of Applied Physics and related activities, merging topics of Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering.

It is our goal to achieve technological developments based on firm scientific grounds. Therefore, our research ranges from basic principles to proof of concept, system prototype and, in some cases, deployment in operational environment.

We are fully committed in advanced training preparing young professionals to face the ever-growing challenges of our society.

For this purpose, CEFITEC has well-equipped laboratories and a strong experimental background focused on gas phase collisions, surface characterization, vacuum technology and metrology, and solar-pumped lasers.


Laboratório de Instrumentação, Engenharia Biomédica e Física das Radiações

O LIBPhys-UNL é um dos três grupos da unidades de investigação LIBPhys (Laboratório de Instrumentação, Engenharia Biomédica e Física das Radiações) que conta com 43 membros. A principal motivação para esta fusão foi a otimização dos recursos humanos e materiais, aprofundando as sinergias já existentes na concretização das actividades de I&D.

Get to know DF


The Physics Department (DF), formally created in 1986, was a pioneer in Portugal in teaching Physics Engineering. Presently, the DF carries out its teaching activities (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles), fundamental and applied research and technological development in the fields of Physics, Physical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. It is also dedicated to providing services and to scientific dissemination in these fields.

The department's scientific activity is essentially carried out in two research units, LIBPhys-UNL and CEFITEC. Research covers several areas, such as atomic and molecular physics, nuclear and plasma physics, surface and interface physics, laser and vacuum physics, instrumentation, analytical techniques applied to health and cultural heritage, medical instrumentation, medical imaging, machine learning, biosignals and tissue engineering.