About the Department of Physics

The Department of Physics (DF) constitutes a teaching and research unit of the NOVA School of Science and Technology (NOVA FCT), dedicated to the quality of teaching, scientific research and the provision of specialized services to community in the fundamental areas of Physics, Physical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

Originating from a small nucleus existing since the birth of the Faculty, managed by Professor Manuel Laranjeira (then Dean of UNL), the DF was formally created in 1986.

The DF is responsible for an educational offer at the 1st and 2nd cycle level as well as at the doctorate level (3rd cycle). In addition to being responsible for the Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Physical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, it shares responsibility for the Master's Degree in Biomaterials and NanoMedicine, is responsible for the Doctoral Programs in Physical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Atomic and Molecular Physics, and shares the responsibility of the Doctoral Program “Radiation Biology and Biophysics - RaBBiT”. In addition, the DF ensures the teaching of basic Physics curricular units for various courses at  NOVA FCT.

Currently the DF has 31 Professors, 4 Full Professors, 11 Associate Professors and 16 Assistant Professors, and also 4 Assistant Researchers. Regarding non-teaching members, the DF has the collaboration of 6 employees who perform administrative and technical functions.

The DF's scientific activity is essentially carried out in two Research Units, LIBPhys and CEFITEC. Research covers diverse areas, such as atomic and molecular physics, nuclear physics, plasma physics, interface physics, lasers and optoelectronics, detectors, cryogenics, analytical techniques applied to health and cultural heritage, medical instrumentation and medical imaging.